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Cloudring Rotor Get the Best Brand of EDU-ROBOT and Commercial ROBOT
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    On 26th December,the China AI and ROBOT CEO SUMMIT and China ROBOT Award and Ceremony was held by CAIA. Dozens of CEO in AI and ROBOT field, investment institution and academic elites, total more than 400 people attended the summit.


    During the summit, 2017 China ROBOT Brand Award and Ceremony total awarded 5 best brand of China ROBOT Technology and Creative Product,China EDU-ROBOT, China Service ROBOT and China Commercial Robot.

    Bee Smart gets the best brand of 2017 China EDU-ROBOT and Commercial Robot by outstanding performance of technology and application.

   At present, Bee Smart formed robotic for domestic, robotic for commercial product line, including all kinds of smart devices, trying to build the commercial IoT.